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The R-301 Carbine is an anti-personnel carbine rifle that appears in Apex Legends, employed by combatants in the Apex Games, and is the 3rd generation of the R-x01 family assault rifles.

Design Details

The R-301 Carbine is a carbine weapon, part of the R-weapons family developed by Lastimosa Armory. It is a successor to the R-101C Carbine employed in the Frontier War, though it employs more design details similar to the R-201 Assault Rifle.

It takes Light Ammo and can take light extended magazines, barrel stabilizers, close-mid range optics, and stock attachments.


The R-301 is a very balanced weapon and is a great automatic option in all stages of the game.

  • High rate of fire
  • Decent accuracy at medium range or closer
  • Low recoil, made even less with stabilizers
  • Can be fully tricked out with attachments
  • Takes the plentiful light ammo
  • Light damage per shot
  • Stock magazine capacity is low
  • High drop-off and poor accuracy at long range


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