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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Lethal and deadly, the Pulse Blade also provides a brief sonar pulse that detects enemies.
— Description

The Pulse Blade is a Pilot Tactical Ability in Titanfall 2.[1]

Lethal and deadly, the Pulse Blade can be thrown at an enemy and also provides a brief sonar pulse that can detect enemies even through walls similarly to Map Hack, Active Radar Pulse and Sonar Lock. It will instantly kill pilots and minions if thrown at them and will stick to Titans and walls. It can even damage(and thus kill) a Titan if it strikes a weak point, but does little damage.

Upon use, the Pulse Blade has a recharge time of 25 seconds, but the pulse emitted only lasts 4.5 seconds.

The Blade is used in an Execution added in A Glitch in the Frontier, it is called Get to the Point, and requires ten pulse blade kills to unlock.


  • Originally there was a unique and different helmet model for the female Pilot. This model is no longer used as the female Pilot's helmet when equipped but is still seen in the Pre-Alpha Tech Test, the Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer and was reused as Viper's helmet.
  • The Pulse Blade is based on a Japanese weapon called a Kunai