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Leviathan's population is scarcely 100,000 now, and their settlements are in constant danger of attack from Flyers, Prowlers and the lumbering giants whose skeletal remains give the landscape an eerie and quite surreal character.
— Transcript from The Art of Titanfall

A Prowler

Prowlers are types of hostile creatures encountered in Titanfall and Titanfall 2, who inhabit the planet Leviathan within The Badlands system, and are one of the many creatures who have taken over the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation's Base Golden. They also inhabit the planet Typhon where the IMC used them for apparent research and/or experimentation.

They are fast, agile and deadly creatures comparable in size to that of a massive tiger or leopard, and are capable of easily maiming or killing formidable combatants. They possess sharp claws and teeth for mauling and rending their prey, as well as distinctive plates/spines covering its body that unfold similarly to flower petals - prowlers use them as part of a flamboyant threat display and it is likely these spines are used in other forms of communication between the creatures.



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