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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Close Range: Knocks back nearby enemies. Long Range: Damages all enemies in its path.
— Description

Power Shot is Legion's Ordnance ability. When activated, his Predator Cannon will "spin up" all six barrels in a very short time-frame. In Short-Range mode, this will take the form of a large shotgun blast that does considerable damage to Titans and will instantly kill most Pilots caught in its blast. While in long range, it will fire a Plasma Railgun like projectile that does heavy damage and can hit critical shots.


  • Short range Power Shot is perfect for killing AI, as its wide range will obliterate all of the from a drop pod.
  • It is best to use Gun Shield and go into enemy territory, use power shot, then retreat back to cover, so you deal a nice amount of damage and not take too much.
  • Use the Power Shot to hit exposed enemies, such as unshielded Tones, Monarchs and Northstars.