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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

The Pilot Sentry (also referred to as the Sentry Turret) is a piece of equipment appearing in Titanfall 2, as a Boost. Much like the Light Turret, the Sentry serves as a stationary anti-infantry machine gun capable of mowing down foes with ease. Destroying it will give you 10% titan build (5% core if in a Titan), and meleeing it will instantly destroy it.

Pilot Sentries will self-destruct after one minute in regular multiplayer.

Another kind of Sentry available is the similar Titan Sentry.

Frontier Defense

In Frontier Defense, the Pilot Sentry (rebranded as the Sentry Turret) returns as a purchasable boost, available for 1,200 Credits. These turrets have severable notable differences from their multiplayer counterparts;

  • Turrets are permanent, and will not self-destruct during the match.
  • Up to two turrets can be placed at any time.
  • If a turret is destroyed, it can be repaired by any teammate interacting with it, bringing it back to operational condition instantly - once a turret is purchased, it will never need to be re-bought.
  • Like Arc Traps, sentries can be picked up and re-placed on the map if accidentally placed in an undesirable location.


  • Place this on somewhere high, where it can have the largest field of view.
  • In Frontier Defense, place Sentries near locations that are easily accesible by Pilots and/ or far from sources of accidental damage from Nuke Titans and Arc Titans.
    • Turrets are useful if placed near the Harvester, as several concentrated sources of fire will easily mop up stray Plasma Drones, Grunts and even Stalkers that make it past the initial defensive lines. This will also make them easier to keep maintained, as players will not have to venture into enemy territory to repair them.