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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Phase Shift is a Pilot Tactical Ability in Titanfall 2. This ability allows the Pilot to become invulnerable and invisible for 2 seconds at a time by entering an alternate dimension. As of Operation Frontier Shield, the ability has one charge. Entering phase shift leaves a temporary ghost image that can be seen by other Pilots.

Uses for this ability include avoiding terminal damage or to travel a short distance without being seen. Players who exit the phase shift inside an enemy pilot or grunt will instantly kill them. Since a phase shifted pilot cannot see non-shifted enemies, this tactic would be difficult to take advantage of. This technology is also used on Goblin Dropships, where Phase Shift is used to help extract Pilots.

An Execution animation involves a pilot doing this to their victim.

Actions that can be used while phase-shifted include all forms of movement, reloading or switching weapons. It also includes abilities with a deployment time that would execute as the pilot exits the phase (ie: using grenades or boosts). 


  • Pilots and Ronin cannot be harmed in any way in the phase dimension.
  • Using Phase Shift, much like embarking into a Titan will drop the flag (if carried).
  • Inner Pieces does not render the attacking Pilot immune to damage (though shooting someone invisible can be hard), nor does it inhibit vision.
  • A Pilot who phases into another pilot will kill the pilot he phases into, but if a Ronin phases into another Titan, the Ronin will die, unless Sword Block is up.
  • Phase Shift works, in the game's mechanics, by simply making the player immune to damage and not drawing them on the screen of enemies and allied players, with a post-processing effect applied on the screen to give the illusion of travelling dimensions. This differs from the Time gauntlet in Effect and Cause, in which there are two maps layered on top of each other for the past and present timelines.
  • At launch of Titanfall 2, Phase Shift had two charges that could be used in rapid succession. However, this was changed at first in the High TTK test to only be one charge, later brought into the full game as of Operation Frontier Shield.
  • Phase Shift cannot be used on the drop ship, as it will just fizzle out.
  • Phase Shift can be considered as some kind of teleportation ability.
  • In Apex Legends, Wraith's tactical ability uses a form of Phase Shift.
  • In Titanfall 2's campaign, enemies called Specialists share the same model as the Phase Shift Pilot.