Phantoms are vehicles within the universe of Titanfall. They are single-seat jump-capable fighters designed for both atmospheric and exo-atmospheric combat. Originally codenamed "Straton", the Phantom project was started after the Titan Wars ended. The new fighter was intended to serve all branches of the IMC Armed Services in a standardized fashion. Cost overruns, lack of focus, and politics interfered with the development of the new fighter, resulting in an expensive-to-maintain fighter craft that is barely on par with the Hornet-class fighter it was meant to replace.[1]

Titanfall Edit

Aside from their appearance in the skyboxes of various multiplayer maps, Phantoms can be seen parked on maps such as Airbase. They can also be seen deployed from IMS Sentinel and other carriers in Angel City and on Demeter.

Phantoms can also be seen in The Colony, airlifting racks of BRD-01 Spectres into the town.

Titanfall 2 Edit

Phantoms once again appear largely in a background role. They can be seen using their VTOL capabilities to airlift the Ark and wreckage of BT-7274 in the campaign. They have a redesigned colour scheme, now white with orange highlights.


  • The text visible on the tail boom of the Phantom spells out MK-A116
  • The Phantom has features implemented of the Harrier and components inspired by the AH-64 Apache helicopter
  • The Phantom appears to be the IMC's counterpart to the Hornet that is mainly used by the Militia.
  • The Phantom is capable of carrying under-slung cargo and can be seen to in the IMC Mission on Colony. The Phantoms are seen carrying Spectre racks into battle. They can also be seen airlifitng the chassis of BT-7274 out of the wreckage of IMS Draconis, and lifting the casing of the Ark out of the ARES Division facility on Typhon.
  • The developmeant of the Phantom may have been inspired by the US military‘s F-35 Lightning II fighters, currently under development to replace a myriad of aircraft, and is to be supplied to all branches except the Army. Also, similar to the Phantom, the Lightning II’s development has been stagnant due to cost overruns and differing mission requirements and capabilities of each branch.



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