The Peacekeeper is an anti-personnel lever-action energy shotgun, introduced in Apex Legends.


The quad-barrel shotgun operates much like a railgun, firing energy-augmented slugs with the spray pattern of a five-pronged star, providing immense close-range stopping power. This makes the weapon quite useful in the early and late game in contested landing zones or when combatants are forced into a tight space like corridors or buildings.

The Peacekeeper comes auto-equipped with the Precision Choke for the muzzle that, when aiming down the sights, charges the gun and narrows the spread of its shots for more concentrated fire, providing more functionality at mid-range. It also comes with a Shotgun bolt and a threat scope.

As with most any lever-action firearm, the lever must be actuated with every shot to chamber another round; a skilled user can provide a rate of fire similar to the semi-automatic Mastiff shotgun.


As of Season 5, the Peacekeeper comes equipped with all of these

Image Name Description
AL Shotgun Bolt HUD.png
Shotgun Bolt
Attachment that increases rate of fire
AL 1x Digital Threat.pngAL 1x HCOG Classic.pngAL 1x Holo.pngAL 1x-2x Variable Holo.pngAL 2x HCOG Bruiser.png
Attachments that allow you to, in some cases, aim further down sights or also be able to highlight enemies in red
AL Precision Choke.png
Precision Choke
Hop-Up Attachment that narrows the spread at range.


  • Huge damage per shot
  • High-velocity rounds
  • Excellent for hip-fire
  • Predictable five-point-star spread
  • Comes equipped with the 1x Digital Threat optic
  • Comes equipped with the Precision Choke hopup
  • Comes equipped with a level 3 shotgun bolt


  • Spread (improved with choke) results in lower damage output at range
  • Choke requires a charge time and discharges when not aiming down sights
  • Slow rate of fire
  • limited amount of ammo, afterwards must be discarded
  • Small magazine size


  • The Peacekeeper is one of Gibraltar's signature weapons, alongside his patu.
  • The Peacekeeper, along with the Sentinel SR, Prowler and the HAVOC, are the only four weapons to exist in Apex, and neither be based off of or are weapons in Titanfall 1 or 2.


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