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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

Particle Wall is a Titan Tactical Ability that appears in Titanfall, and a Defensive Ability for the Tone loadout in Titanfall 2. It is a stationary force-field that blocks any fire from one side, allowing damage to be taken from the other side.


The Particle Wall creates a concave force field which blocks all projectiles from one side and lets all projectiles through from the other. The force field exists for certain period of time and degrades from enemy damage. The remaining lifetime is indicated by the field's color. In Titanfall, shield has a maximum duration of 8 seconds, decreased by enemy fire.

Particle field does not block melee attacks, Electric Smoke or Cluster Missile explosions (however, the missile itself will explode upon impact).

The Reinforced Particle Wall kit, available to Tone in Titanfall 2, buffs the Particle Wall by allowing it to take more damage and last longer before dropping.

Other uses

  • Aside from the base Titan variant, there are several other uses of Particle Shield technology; the Gun Shield, used by Legion, is a Particle Wall wrapped around the Predator Cannon.
  • Pilots also get their own Particle Wall variants, being the Hard Cover Boost and the A-Wall tactical ability. They both function the same as their Titan variants,with the exception of being smaller and the latter Amping the weapons fire that passes through the wall.
  • IMC Marines also use portable Particle Shields and Spitfire LMGs to provide cover fire and advance into enemy territory. These shields have a stun ability akin to the effects produced by the Arc Grenade, slowing and damaging those who touch it.

Burn Card

Name: Amped Particle Wall

Description: Store up to 2 Particle Walls that can be deployed simultaneously.


Party's over, kid, we are leaving! Drop one Particle Wall to cover our retreat and save the other for the evac zone!