In Apex Legends, there are several types of ordnance available to the Legends competing in the Apex Games to use. They can be found inside Supply Bins, Loot Ticks or scattered randomly throughout the map. By default, ordnance deals damage only to opponents and the attacker who threw it; because friendly fire is off, the attacker's teammates cannot be harmed. All of the following can be intercepted by the ultimate ability of Wattson.

Universal Ordnance

These are a list of ordnance available to all the participants in the games.

Name Operation Effect
AL Frag Grenade HUD.png
Frag Grenade
Has a 4-second delay timer before detonation. However, will only explode upon impact. Does anywhere from 1 to maximum of 100 Damage to any and all opponents caught in the blast radius. Damage drops the further away one is from the blast. Solid objects can be used as cover to avoid the shrapnel. If the grenade hits a player, it does 10 Blunt Damage. Frags can completely blast off doors.
AL Arc Star HUD.png
Arc Star
When thrown, it latches on to anything it strikes due to its sharp arms. The impact starts a 3-second timer followed by a burst of arc energy. Any and all opponents caught in the immediate blast radius completely lose all shields regardless of their rarity. They are also stunned for 5 seconds which causes those affected to have impaired vision, vertigo, lower aim sensitivity and reduced movement speed. Those fairly close to the blast lose some amount of their shields depending on the distance. Without any shields, the arc star deals 70 damage to health along with the stun. When it latches onto an opponent it does 15 pierce damage. Arc stars can completely blast off doors.
AL Thermite Grenade HUD.png
Thermite Grenade
Creates a 3-metre long horizontal wall-of-fire, wherever the user was facing, upon impact. When contacted, does a total of 25 damage over a period of 3 seconds that stacks. Any combatant without a Body Shield caught in the thermite gel can be downed in as quickly as 5 Seconds. However, exposure for more than 4 seconds is enough as the damage-over-time will down the affected in the next 3 seconds unless a Drone of Compassion is nearby.

Exclusive Ordnance

These are the tactical and ultimate ability of some Legends, and cannot be accessed by other Legends.

Legend Name Operation Usage
Bangalore AL Bangalore Tactical.png
Smoke Grenade
Fires a shell that splits into 3 smoke canisters that cover a large area with smoke. If the shell strikes an opponent it does 10 Blunt Damage Creates a smokescreen that can be used break line of sight, to conceal activity, or simply as a distraction.
AL Bangalore Ultimate.png
Creeping Barrage
Calls in an artillery strike for a creeping barrage that slows down movement and reduces visibility. The direct blast from the artilleries does a maximum of 100 Damage.[verify?] Can be used defensively to flee from a disadvantageous encounter by moving in front of the barrage, making the squad on the trail have a very difficult time to close in on her squad. Can be used aggressively to cover a large swath of open ground safely to advance on a squad that has terrain advantage or is better fortified. Can be used to deny passage by cutting off the enemy squad's retreat, forcing them into an unprepared skirmish.
Gibraltar AL Gibraltar Ultimate.png
Mortar Bombardment
Calls in a Mortar strike by a smoke signal that covers a large area. Deals heavy damage slowing down movement and reducing visibility. Can be used defensively to deter enemies when under pressure, mid encounter to regroup and replenish supplies and turn the tide of the fight. Can be used aggressively to call the strike on an unwary squad or even over multiple squads already committed to a skirmish. Can be used to deny passage or trap a squad inside a building due to its large area of effect, besieging them.
Caustic AL Caustic Ultimate.png
Nox Gas Grenade
Release compressed and highly concentrated Nox Gas grenade that quickly engulfs a large area which causes anyone unlucky enough to be trapped in to have very low mobility and visibility due to the dense green gas cloud. All the while being in the risk of getting shot by Caustic as he can see through the gas. Mostly used to ambush in enclosed spaces or narrow passages. Can be used defensively as a means to break line of sight and regroup. As Caustic can see anyone who enters his gas, if an opponent squad is willing to rush into the gas cloud it can turn this defensive measure quickly into an ambush as Caustic slowly picks off one opponent after another.

Can be used strategically to fortify a building to deny entrance in all but one opening effectively creating a chokepoint.

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