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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

Nuke Titans are a type of enemy encountered in Frontier Defense. They take the form of Ogre Titans outfitted with standard weaponry, such as 40mm Cannons. Their main notable feature is that they primarily employ a Nuclear Ejection - only without the ejection. Nuke Titans are deployed onto the battlefield as Autotitans, and use their heavy armour and shielding to charge head-first into enemy lines, where they will detonate their payload upon nearing their target (usually the Harvester) or entering the Doomed State as a result of taking too much damage. In effect, they're oversized Suicide Spectres or Ticks. Once a Nuke Titan has armed its nuclear core and started the countdown, it becomes invulnerable and the explosion cannot be prevented.

Nuke Titans return in Titanfall 2's Frontier Defense, this time using Legion as their base model and armed with the Predator Cannon accordingly. They will use all of Legion's abilities in order to bulldoze their way through defenders and get to the Harvester, using Gun Shield to mitigate incoming damage and Power Shot to push defenders back. Nuke titans will also gain a full Bodyshield upon Titanfall, protecting them from critical hits.

In both versions, Nuke Titans cannot be terminated once they go into the Doomed State.

An Atlas-based Nuke Titan, the Nuke Atlas, can be deployed in Titanfall: Assault.


  • Scorch Titans can use their Flame Core to kill Nuke Titans instantly, without sending them into the Doomed state. Likewise, when Legion gains the Aegis Rank 8 Executioner ability, Power Shot can be used to prevent Nuke Titans from going nuclear, as it destroys them instantly (assuming their health is generally under 2500 hitpoints, or one bar of health).
  • Titan Punching a Nuke Titan will force it to be pushed back a small distance, great for getting out of its blast or pushing the Titan away from the Harvester. Big Punch is highly recommended for this.
  • While deployed in packs, detonating one Nuke will not harm his friends. However, countering them with your own Nuke Eject (Especially Massive Payload) will instantly wipe groups of Nuke Titans in one go, making this a good strategy for clearing groups nearing the Harvester.
  • Whilst you can't destroy a Nuke Titan that is about to detonate, enemy Titans can't move past or through it easily either.
  • Given their habit of travelling in packs, the Nuke Rodeo is a potential counter to Nuke Titan packs in Titanfall 2's version of Frontier Defense.