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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

A Structure and Titan seeking variant of the standard Atlas chassis that as a fail safe will, on death of the Titan, explode for massive area damage.
— In-game description

The Nuke Atlas is a Titan type available in Titanfall: Assault. It functions similar to its Nuke Titan brethren in Frontier Defense, seeking out enemy structures and enacting a Nuclear Ejection when damaged.

The Nuke Atlas does not carry a weapon; instead, it pummels enemy Titans, Reapers and structures for high damage with its fists.


There's not much counterplay to a Nuke Atlas blowing up in your face for massive damage the moment you doom it, so take advantage of its destructive power. If the enemy commander fields all his Titans at once, drop a lone Nuke Atlas and sacrifice it to significantly damage them all before sending your cleanup crew. It works just as well when taking out Medium Turrets. It should be noted that the Nuke Atlas will ignore enemy infantry.

In the event of a Nuke Atlas bearing down on your Titan or structure, there are few counterplay options available. Once you have discovered that your enemy is using a Nuke Atlas, refrain from putting your Titans in close proximity next to each other.

The Nuke Atlas can also slowed by deployable sentry turrets, which can pull the Atlas away from its target for some time.

The Nuke Atlas is the only unit that cannot be Terminated by Core Ronin or BT-7274 while in a doomed state.


  • Before Patch 2.1.1, there was no counterplay to a Nuke Atlas about to explode. However, currently (as well as before October 26 when this bug was introduced) BT-7274 or a charged Core Ronin can Terminate on the Nuke Atlas when it falls under a Doomed State, preventing it from blowing up. After said patch is installed, BT is no longer able to terminate the Nuke Atlas.
  • The Nuke Atlas, the Mortar Ogre and the Sniper Ion are the only Titans to date that ignore infantry units in Titanfall Assault.