The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Kit build up nuclear core.png
After you eject, your Titan briefly charges and then detonates its nuclear core, dealing massive amounts of damage to all nearby enemies.
— In-game description.

Nuclear Ejection is a Tier 1 Titan Kit that appears in Titanfall and Titanfall 2.


Nuclear Ejection grants a Titan the ability to self destruct when it is doomed or when the pilot ejects. When active, it releases a bright white glow and erupts, causing a massive explosion that kills any enemy pilots or titans nearby. This deals damage with a large initial explosion and then deals a lot more damage in a series of clicks. This allows players to kill enemy pilots and Titans as a last resort. While it can be equipped with any titan, it is recommended that it be equipped to a Stryder titan (or a Ronin titan), as it's low health and high mobility allows the pilot to get the titan as close to the enemy's as his/her dash will allow.


Nuclear Ejection is extremely lethal. It instantly kills enemy pilots and causes massive damage to enemy Titans within the blast radius. If the explosion dooms an enemy Titan, it will be instantly destroyed. A good strategy is to use Nuclear Ejection to buy some time to escape the battleground, as the ominous white glow will repel enemy Titans. Nuclear Ejection works extremely well with Auto-Eject allowing Pilots to Auto-Eject away when doomed.


Nuclear Ejection may be powerful, but it can be evaded with ease. Its biggest disadvantage is that it takes three seconds to detonate and emits a very bright light, alerting other Pilots of the blast. Pilots also take longer to eject with this Kit, but Auto-Eject helps in this situation. Players may be killed by their own detonations, should they eject under an obstruction such as a bridge or roof. In addition, players can still be terminated without the nuclear ejection going off.


  • Nuclear ejection can kill the Pilot who activated it if he did not escape the blast radius. This usually happens if the Pilot ejects under a low ceiling or in a building.
    • This can be avoided if the Pilot disembarks instead of ejecting, because disembarking does NOT activate the Nuclear Ejection.
  • Many pilots will activate Nuclear Ejection while standing beneath the enemy dropship during the epilogue. This will usually deal immense damage to the dropship, but often a single Nuclear Ejection cannot fully destroy a dropship.
  • Nuclear ejection is extremely useful in Frontier Defense, since you can destroy Nuclear Titans without allowing them to detonate themselves.
    • It is also useful because the Auto-Titans don't have any awareness about the explosion, so they will get caught in the explosion and die.
  • If you successfully destroyed 3 or more full-health enemy Titans (Atlases or Ogres) in one blast, it's possible that you will get your new Titan right away, though this is no longer true in Titanfall 2 before the Live Fire update came to the game.
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