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Nexus is a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall and Titanfall Online, located on a backwater agricultural outpost located on the planet Harmony. The settlement is surrounded by open fields and temperate forests, and its skyline is dominated by a series of greenhouse towers. The settlement itself is a densely packed cluster of buildings defended by two heavy turrets and a small airbase.


Long suspected by the IMC to be a hideaway for Militia personnel, this backwater outpost on the planet Harmony provides substantial contributions to the Frontier’s agricultural needs. Two docking  stations provide refueling to small ships in the Freeport system. The large fields provide long sight lines favoring long-range Titan weapons, while the settlement in the center gives Pilots many wall run routes and opportunities for cover.[1]


The zip lines across the perimeter of this map all lead to the Zip-line Tower, allowing you to travel to the center of the map extremely fast. The many buildings allow you to be extremely sneaky and wall jump throughout the entire match. There are 2 Heavy Turrets in the map, one is right below the zipline tower.