Networks are a social feature introduced in Titanfall 2, accessible in-game or on the Titanfall website. By default, all Titanfall 2 players are part of The Advocate Network, run by the mysterious Advocate. Players cannot leave the Advocate Network, but can change their primary network to another player-made one.

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Networks can be created by any player of Titanfall 2, and only require a minimum of one person to be created. When creating a network, the founder can set up a number of options including the Network's name, server region, accessibility (IE whether the Network is open to the public or requires an invite to join) and "Happy Hour" - a timeslot of one hour every day where players are awarded five bonus Merits for the first win of the hour, to encourage players playing together. Network owners can also set a clan tag - a four-digit combination of alphanumeric characters that are displayed before a player's name on the scoreboard. Because all players are part of The Advocate Network, by default all players' clan tags are [ADV].

Players can join an unlimited number of Networks, though can only set one as their active network - meaning that they can only receive happy hour rewards from the active network, and will have that network's clan tag displayed next to their name. Once Happy Hour merits have been earned, players cannot earn more for another 24 hours, even if they switch to another network with an earlier Happy Hour.

Networks are the primary means by which parties can search matchmaking playlists together in Titanfall 2. When searching a playlist, any player can opt to send out a Network invite, which appears to anyone else who is in the menu screen at the same time, allowing anyone who accepts the invite to "tag along" and enter the same game.

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