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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Mortar Titans are a specialised type of Titan enemy that can be encountered only in the PvE gamemode Frontier Defense.

In Titanfall they take the form of Atlas-class Titans fitted with modified Quad Rockets, that serve to function as a mortar. Mortar Titans are typically deployed at the far-end of the map from where the Harvester is located, where they will deploy their stationary weapons and begin to bombard the structure with high explosives.

Mortar Titans return in Titanfall 2 and function almost identically to their original incarnation, save that they use Tone as their base chassis. They continue to use the modified Quad Rocket as their weapon. They also have a reduced health pool and a shield to compensate for their support nature, making them much easier to take down.

A little brother counterpart to the Mortar Titan can also be found in Titanfall 2 - the Mortar Spectre.

Titanfall Assault features a variant of the Mortar Titan in the Mortar Ogre. This Titan ignores all enemies in favor of shelling enemy structures. Unlike the Atlas-based Mortar Titan, the Ogre fires its modified Quad Rockets from a standing position, perhaps lending to its heavier chassis.


  • If not swiftly taken care of, Mortar Titans can quickly strip the Harvester's shields and health. Make sure to have someone on the team go around and wipe them out as they drop.
  • Despite being a significant threat to the Harvester while deployed, Mortar Titans are pushovers in actual Titan-to-Titan combat. When engaged, they will often require a short deploy animation to get them from crouching artillery to combat position, and they are defenceless in this time and will only activate their Particle Wall (Regular difficulty+) after standing up fully.
  • Mortar Titan drops are often accompanied by other Titans. Be prepared to fight your way through in a hurry to get to them. Fast-moving and Roamer Titans like Ronin and Ion should focus on engaging Mortar Titans, letting the defense specialists keep lesser enemies away from the Harvester in the meantime. If no Titans are available, consider using a Nuke Rodeo to destroy the group.
  • The Mortar Titan's immobile method of operation makes them prime targets for a Titanfall kill or a Rodeo.