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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

The Mortar Ogre is a Burn Card appearing in Titanfall: Assault. It is a Mortar Titan variant of the Ogre, outfitted with a Quad Rocket for long-range damage.


Mortar Ogres focus on Heavy and Medium Turrets, as well as Arc, Rocket, and regular Sentries, to the exclusion of all else. As such, they are highly vulnerable to any highly damaging cards, such as the Gunner or other Titans, unless support by other cards.

Their high damage and long range can prove pivotal in attempts to win via destroying the enemy base.

Mortar Ogres should only be used if you have the upper hand in the match to apply more pressure to your enemy, Your opponent may panic and over extend his/her resources into trying to take out the Mortar Orges,