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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Switch between close range and long range precision rounds.
— Description

Mode Switch is the tactical ability for Legion in Titanfall 2. It allows the user to switch the Predator Cannon between Short and Long range modes. When activated, the Legion will press a button on his Predator Cannon that will change the range. It reloads almost instantly, due to the fact that it does not provide any instant advantage. In Long Range, the spinup will zoom in and will change to precision rounds and aimer. In CQB, it will display a larger aimer with regular rounds.


  • Try to use this in cover, as doing it out in the open can allow you take lots of damage before firing again, also considering the long spinup time.
  • Be aware of the range your enemy is at, as long range will double the ammo consumption, but CQB can almost never hit a long range target.
  • When switching between modes, the Gun Shield will still protect from damage.


  • When used, the colors of the highlights in the cockpit will change from yellow to red (CQB to Long Range), or red to yellow (Long Range to CQB)