Mobile Hardpoint T2

Mobile Hardpoints are specialised pieces of equipment that can be found on many battlefields across The Frontier, serving as the primary objective of Hardpoint Domination and Amped Hardpoint, and acting as the Banks in Bounty Hunt and Frontier Defense.

Hardpoints have been seen in two main forms. The former resembling a bank of computers used to power and command Fuel Pumps and Heavy Turrets, access the databases of Base Golden and control the flow of coolant in the Demeter refinery.

The second variant, seen in Titanfall 2, resembles a more armoured structure with a radio uplink, possibly used as a portable generator or storage for food and ammunition supplies. These variants can be seen bearing the Wonyeon Defense logo.

Trivia Edit

  • In Titanfall, upon capturing a Hardpoint, friendly Grunts will move in and man the computer terminals and defend the point, until another team captures it.

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