Honeycomb@2x Dubious Canon Notice
The subject of this article contains information derived from Titanfall Online, and is of dubious canon status. Until a canon precedent is established for this source, this notice should not be removed.

The Mk. 6 Automated Law Enforcement Officer (ALEO) is a combat robot developed by the IMC (presumably Hammond Robotics), for the purpose of acting as automated police and law enforcement on many worlds across the Frontier. They were created as semi-self aware autonomous units capable of learning and adapting, while keeping confined to a certain ruleset that forbids them from taking certain actions (similar to the Protocols that limit the actions of a Vanguard-class Titan), in response to the increasing adoption of Titan platforms by various criminal elements on the Frontier.

Only one such unit, AL-6, is known to have been created, ironically leaving the IMC due to their actions on the Frontier conflicting with his programming.