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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

The Medium Turret[1] is a medium-sized stationary gun emplacement employed by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation for defence of starships and locations of note. Like the Heavy Turret, they are immobile, but can be deployed in a variety of situations. They can be automatically controlled by an on-board AI or by an operator such as a Grunt.


Medium Turrets were employed during Operation: Broadsword. Their first major role was serving as Anti-Air and Anti-Titan defence for the IMS Draconis.[2] Later on, the IMS Malta employed a number of Medium Turrets to serve as broadside guns for air defence, including the destruction of MCS Carter Braxton.[3] They were later seen used as part of a myriad of defences - including Railguns - defending the Fold Weapon against the 9th Militia Fleet.[4]


Titanfall 2

Turrets can be found throughout the campaign of Titanfall 2. However, they are rarely an active enemy to fight against. They will fire at the player in the opening stages of Trial By Fire before being destroyed by the Militia Titans, and can also be destroyed in The Fold Weapon.

Titanfall: Assault

Medium Turrets can also be deployed and fought against in Titanfall Assault, where they serve as Hardpoint defence turrets. Most maps feature one turret defending the player's Heavy Turret, with the exception of Angel City - that features two.