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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

Marvin's Finest Hour is a playable Militia faction in Titanfall 2, added in the A Glitch in the Frontier update. It is led by a Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity Automated Assistant, who communicates through a series of chirps, squeaks and other incomprehensible noises. The MRVN was given a directive to lead some pilots around ten years ago (presumably by Robert "Barker" Taube) and was never relieved of his duty.

>Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity OS V.4.0

>Current User Directive:

"I'm runnin' out of moonshine, Marv. You stay here and wave these guys through, all right? I'll be back in an hour... and don't say a word!"

>Directive received: (XXXX) days ago[1]


  • The number of how many days it has been since MRVN was given his directive is a counter, rather than a fixed number. The counter corresponds to the MRVN being given his directive on the 18th of March, 2014, which is a week after the first Titanfall's release date of March 11, 2014.
  • The MRVN's dropship animations are typically humourous in nature. They involve the MRVN giving the pilots a thumbs-up, saluting the pilots, attempting to high-five the pilots (before switching to a sad face when no one does), and dancing in the troop bay.
  • Due to the MRVN's incomprehensible speech, subtitles must be enabled to understand what he is saying.
  • The MRVN is the only multiplayer faction to use an ID/ communications card in the multiplayer (see below).
  • Despite being ostensibly allied with the Militia, the MRVN faction can end up fighting Marauder Corps and other Militia-allied factions in the multiplayer.


  1. "XXXX" is used in place of an actual number, given that the number is dynamic and counts up from a fixed date in 2014.