Marvin's Finest Hour is a playable Militia faction in Titanfall 2, added in the A Glitch in the Frontier update. It is led by a Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity Automated Assistant, who communicates through a series of chirps, squeaks and other incomprehensible noises. The MRVN was given a directive to lead some pilots around three years ago by his unknown owner and was never relieved of his duty since.

>Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity OS V.4.0
>Current User Directive:
"I'm runnin' out of moonshine here, Marv. You stay here and wave these guys through, all right? I'll be back in an hour... and don't say a word!"
>Directive received: (XXXX) days ago[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The number of how many days it has been since MRVN was given his directive is a counter, rather than a fixed number. The counter corresponds to the MRVN being given his directive on the 18th of March, 2014, which is close to the game's first installment release date of March 11, 2014.
  • The MRVN's dropship animations are typically humourous in nature. They involve the MRVN giving the pilots a thumbs-up, saluting the pilots, attempting to high-five the pilots (before switching to a sad face when no one does), and dancing in the troop bay.
  • Due to the MRVN's incomprehensible speech, subtitles must be enabled to understand what he is saying.
  • The MRVN is the only multiplayer faction to use an ID/ communications card in the multiplayer (see below).
  • Despite being ostensibly allied with the Militia, the MRVN faction can end up fighting Marauder Corps and other Militia-allied factions in the multiplayer.

Notes Edit

  1. "XXXX" is used in place of an actual number, given that the number is dynamic and counts up from a fixed date in 2014.

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