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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

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Marked for Death is a Featured game mode that appears in Titanfall and its sequel, Titanfall 2 - added in A Glitch in the Frontier.


One player from each team are marked as targets. Both teams are required to defend their own target while attempting to kill the other team's target. Once one of the marked players are killed, the surviving mark's team is rewarded a point. After a few seconds, new marks are chosen, the marked players are given a 5 second head start before they're revealed. Marked players are given a Map Hack effect, being able to see all enemies on their minimap while marked. The team that kills 10 marks first wins the game.

Cloaking can be a viable tactic in this game mode, as when you are marked, your location will not be shown on the minimap while you are cloaked, but they can still see you on their HUD.

Minions have a different movement pattern in this game mode, it's a lot more noticeable for Spectres. Spectres will also try to kill the Marked Player, this isn't very much of a threat until a lot of them gather. Spectres can be VERY deadly in close quarters as they are concentrated on only killing the Mark and have the same health as a Pilot, often gathering up into group(s) of over 10 and firing upon getting a visual. At close quarters, even with the minions' low accuracy, can still deal enough damage to kill you in seconds, and if they get close enough they can melee you doing half the damage of a Jump Kick (50% of a Pilot's health).

In the rare event that the marks on both team are killed at the same time, one of the marks will be announced as dead, but both teams will be rewarded a point. Otherwise, if a marked target quits, the game will announce, "MARKED TARGET DISCONNECTED", and neither team will get a point.

Changes from Titanfall to Titanfall 2


Marked for Death is similar to the game mode Capture the Flag except players are the objectives of the game and if the player gets marked then its best to hide until the enemy Marked is dead.

XP Bonuses

XP Bonuses are experience points rewarded when the player does a certain objective or action, and grants the player with additional experience points. These XP Bonuses are specific to Capture the Flag.

Name XP Earned Description
Survived 200 Survived for 12 (more) seconds while marked.
Outlasted Enemy Mark 100 Enemy mark died while you were marked.
Eliminated Marked Target 200 Kill the enemy mark while not marked.
Eliminated Marked Target While Marked 350 Kill the enemy mark while you're marked.


  • Marked for Death is very similar to the Gametypes VIP and Regicide in the Halo series, where both teams have one player that has a "VIP" status and that the other team is awarded points for eliminating that target.