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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

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The Marauder Corps, better known as M​-COR, is a faction appearing in the Titanfall universe, playable in both the first game and its sequel.



The M-COR, as an attached unit to the 1st Militia Fleet and Freeport Brigade, are a unit of the Frontier Militia comprised of many Pilots and Riflemen. They were instrumental in recruiting former IMC officers James MacAllan and Robert "Barker" Taube to the Militia cause, leading to the disastrous IMC defeat at the Battle of Demeter.

Titanfall 2

Over the five years following Demeter, the MCOR, along with the Militia as a whole, metamorphosed from rag-tag guerillas to a proper army with logistics, industrial centres and organization. While the MCOR now has its own sub-groups such as the 41st Militia Rifle Battalion, the restructure in Militia command sees them answer as a sub-unit to the newly-formed special forces branch, the Special Recon Squadron.[1]

In the Battle of Typhon, the MCOR were deployed en masse onto the planet's surface to support Pilots conducting Special Operation 217.

In the multiplayer, the MCOR is the default Faction that the player can fight for, led by Commander Sarah Briggs.


  1. Reddit Q&A: "Part of the evolution of the Militia at this juncture resulted in restructuring of the paramilitary apparatus. Marauder Corps was restructured as one of several sub-units (Corps) within the newly formed SRS (Special Recon Squadron). SRS represents an elite branch that exists parallel to the other major branches of the new Militia structure, alongside the equivalent concepts of say, what one might call the Army, Navy, etc."