The MGL , also known as the Mag Launcher or Magnetic Grenade Launcher, is a Pilot anti-Titan magnetic grenade launcher that appears in Titanfall and Titanfall 2 manufactured by Wonyeon Defense.


The Mag Launcher fires magnetic grenades. When fired, the grenades will veer towards nearby enemy Titans and Spectres, and detonate on impact.
— In-game description.

The Mag Launcher is a Pilot anti-Titan magnetic grenade launcher that appears in Titanfall.


The Mag Launcher fires magnetic grenades that are automatically guided towards Titans and Spectres within a reasonable range.

  • The Mag Launcher may be used from cover, from rooftops or around the corner without exposing the Pilot to enemy fire.
  • Low ammo capacity and a slow reload with moderate damage make this Anti-Titan Weapon more of a challenge for players to use.
  • The Mag Launcher has half the blast radius of a Frag Grenade, and does 70% less damage to infantry than a Frag Grenade; but the Mag Launcher can kill pilots with 2 shots.
  • Grenades will be guided to Titans within 3.6195 meters of it.

Titanfall 2Edit

  The MGL is a Pilot anti-Titan grenade launcher that reappears in Titanfall 2.[1]


The MGL is an anti-Titan grenade launcher that fires two grenades in a rapid succession. A single belt can hold a total of eight grenades. Just like the first game, the rounds will be attracted to Titans upon reaching a reasonable range. It is useful as the grenades arc, allowing you to fire from cover and not get hit by that titan. The grenades are on a fuse, so they will explode if they have no target after a while.

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