The MacAllan-Class Carrier is a starship classification created by the Frontier Militia. It's namesake - and first ship of the line - is the MCS James MacAllan, itself named after the Militia war hero James MacAllan.

History Edit

The MacAllan-Class is the only known type of vessel to be designed from the ground-up by the Militia (Excluding converted civilian vessels such as Annapolis). The class is named after James MacAllan, who died in The Battle of Demeter to help achieve Militia victory.

The MCS James MacAllan was the first ship of the class to be constructed, though at least seven other vessels[1] have also been constructed.

At some point, several MacAllans were involved in Operation Broadsword, a Militia campaign to destroy the IMC's research facilities on Typhon. The invasion was a disaster and many MacAllans were destroyed, including the MCS James MacAllan.

After the reactivation of an IMC Interstellar Beacon by Jack Cooper, several MacAllans were brought in to reinforce the existing Militia troops on the planet. These vessels would eventually drop in Titans in an assault on the planet, before being involved in the pursuit of the IMS Draconis. In the air battle, the MCS Carter Braxton would be destroyed.

Eventually, MacAllan-Class carriers would assist in destroying the Fold Weapon, before being reinforced by the IMS Malta.

Design Edit

As a carrier, the MacAllan's main job is the transportation of personnel, equipment and supplies to support an invasion. This includes a dedicated Titan bay, used for dropping Titans into battle, sim-pods for training of infantry while in transit and other amenities.

Curiously, the bridge of the MCS James MacAllan (And presumably the line as a whole) is exactly the same as that of the IMS Malta. This could possibly indicate that the MacAllan class isn't wholly designed by the Militia, and they still use salvage from IMC vessels.

Ships of the Line Edit

  • MCS James MacAllan (First vessel to be constructed)
  • MCS Carter Braxton (Destroyed)
  • MCS Rickman (Destroyed)
  • MCS Rutledge
  • MCS Stockton
  • MCS Trinity (cut)

References Edit

  1. Six can be seen in the skybox of The Fold Weapon, and an additional ship; the MCS Carter Braxton - is seen in The Ark.