The MCS James MacAllan is the flagship of the 9th Militia Fleet of the Frontier Militia, and namesake of the MacAllan-Class Carrier. It is named after James MacAllan.


Five years after The Battle of Demeter, the James MacAllan and the 9th Militia Fleet were deployed to attack an IMC research facility on the planet Typhon in Operation Broadsword. Upon arrival, Militia forces encountered unexpectedly heavy Anti-Orbital Defenses (AOD) on the planet. While most of the fleet managed to escape, the James MacAllan was shot down and crashed on Typhon's surface, breaking into two sections. Some 90% of the ship's escape pods were deployed before impact, indicating most of its crew and troops escaped, but IMC forces quickly converged on the crash site and escape pod landing sites, killing or capturing many Militia members.

Jack Cooper and Tai Lastimosa made it to Typhon's surface, but Cooper was injured and Lastimosa later killed by Apex Predators. Cooper later recovered and searched the wreckage of the James MacAllan for batteries for BT-7274.

The map Crash Site and mission BT-7274 both take place in and around the wreckage of the destroyed vessel. Curiously, the bridge of the carrier is almost identical to that of the IMS Malta, suggesting that the Militia have constructed the vessel using salvage from destroyed IMC warships.

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