The M600 Spitfire LMG (or Spitfire for short) is an anti-personnel fully automatic light machine gun (LMG) introduced in Apex Legends. Available to competitors in the Apex Games, it is the next-generation Spitfire LMG, descended from its Frontier War forebears, the Spitfire MK1 and MK2.

Designed by Jaewon Industries, the new Spitfire appears to borrow from both of its ancestors in its design. Still a box-fed LMG designed to be carried around by infantry, the newest iteration of the Spitfire reverted back to the old gas operated, rotating bolt locking mechanism of the MK1 but retained the light composite frame and the non-reciprocating knob from the MK2. The overall recoil is the same as the MK1 but boasts better initial accuracy, and much lower initial recoil. It's still designed for sustained suppressive fire.

The heavy-ammo Spitfire can be modified with attachments for a scope, barrel, stock and extended magazine.

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