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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

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Live Fire was the second DLC released for Titanfall 2, announced on January 13, 2017[1] and released on February 23, 2017. Its notable features a new game mode - Live Fire, two new maps for that game mode - Meadow and Stacks, a new matchmaking UI and other quality-of-live improvements.

New Content

  • Live Fire: A new Pilot vs. Pilot elimination game mode! It's a 6v6 round-based with no respawns, you will have one minute to eliminate the opposing team in order to win the round. You can also win the round if your team is holding the neutral flag when the round timer ends. The team to win 5 rounds first wins the match.
  • New Live Fire Map: Meadow, a luch location with grassy lanes and rocky outcroppings that provide site lines for long engagements and sneaky routes for flanking. Also Ziplines are back!
  • New Live Fire Map: Stacks, an industrial location of open areas that sandwich a dense centre point framed by towering structures. The verticality encourages attacks from above and rushes from the outside lanes.
  • New Coliseum map: Pillars
  • New Execution: Late Hit: Deliver a flurry of Stim fueled punches that pummel your enemy into the ground.

New Features

  • Mixtape Matchmaking: A complete overhaul of our multiplayer matchmaking. This new feature will allow you to create your own mixtape of modes to your heart's desire.
  • Gamepad: Custom Mapping (Pilot and Titan)
  • Gamepad:Crouch - "Hold to Crouch" option
  • Gamepad: ADS - "Toggle" option
  • Controls: "Hold X to Rodeo" option
  • Advanced HUD: Disable Party-Member Colouring on HUD (Some colourblind players may prefer this)
  • Community FAQ: New section of the FAQ to highlight upcoming patches, new DLC drops, trailers and creations from the community
  • Added Film Grain slider

Balance Changes


  • Holo Pilot decoy improvements. Decoy can now deploy on Ziplines, is more resilient when steping over things and colliding with walls, is now visible in the Threat Scope and sonar grenade pings, no longer runs over the top of Dome Shields, no longer crashes into the ceiling and dies while running through doorways.
  • Kraber can no longer be shot as semi-automatic if the player presses reload at the same time as fire
  • Titans that are invulnerable while Terminating will have their lifebars coloured gold and flashing
  • FOV is now saved per-user
  • When switching weapons while editing a loadout, the game will now preserve your mod choices if possible.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to be shot by snipers behind the cover of the A-Wall if the shooter is really close.
  • Fixed Sentries so they now properly track targets through the A-Wall.
  • Fixed tracers not showing up when shooting through friendlies with bullet weapons.
  • Fixed the MP R-201 not dismembering Stalkers and ultimately being less effective as other similar weapons against Stalkers.
  • Fixed bug while using A-Wall/ Hard Cover while Phase Shifted.
  • Fixed some cases where players could plant turrets in mid-air.
  • Fixed HUD display incorrectly showing number of Electric Smoke charges.
  • Fixed case of scoreboard counting a Titan Termination as 2 Pilot kills.



Titanfall 2 - Live Fire Gameplay Trailer