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Leviathans are gargantuan, lurching, hulking creatures that live on The Frontier


Many stories tall, these giant creatures inhabit their namesake planet, Leviathan. They seemingly do not possess any hostility towards those on its planet and Flyers are commonly seen soaring around these beasts. Aside from their eponymous homeworld, Leviathans have also been seen on a number of other Frontier locales including the fourth moon of Demeter, on which they were a constant threat to (and eventual destruction of) Airbase Sierra. Leviathans can also be found in the region surrounding King's Canyon, and in seasons 2-4, inhabited the island. However, the explosion in Season 5 caused the leviathans to disappear, with remains of their foot prints being left behind.  It is presently unknown how Leviathans have come to inhabit so many planets in different star systems, though speculation by Grunts has indicated that the process of panspermia is the explanation, be it natural or due to IMC experimentation artificially introducing Leviathan lifeforms to new worlds and ecosystems. 


  • The Leviathans are so large that they can affect the calculation of jump coordinates of a ship.[1]



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