Legion is an Ogre-based Titan chassis in Titanfall 2.[1] Legion Prime was added in Colony Reborn.


Legion is a Titan class that is based on the Ogre chassis design, focusing on inexorable advances, dealing damage and controlling combat zones. He wields the Predator Cannon, which is equipped with short and long range ammo variations. His ordnance is known as Power Shot. While in short range mode, he fires a shotgun-like spray, which is great for taking out nearby pilots. While in long range mode, the shot is similar to the Plasma Railgun's projectile. The minigun is also equipped with a protective Gun Shield capable of absorbing a fair amount of damage.

Field Notes

Legion's cannon can deal tremendous damage at any range and the chassis can take a vast amount of damage in return, making it great for pushing lanes whilst attracting the enemies' fire. His Gun Shield can also provide much needed protection when taking fire or reloading. The titan's rate of fire, combined with the power shot, make for the highest damage potential of any titan in game. Switching firing modes takes time and can leave Legion open to attacks, especially at close range. It is best to switch firing modes while enemy Titans are at a distance.

Legion specializes in both offensive and defensive combat in most situations. When fighting offensively, it is best to to initiate pushes as the first one into the fight, chewing through defensive abilities and working to expose Titans so Legion can inflict severe damage to enemies. Hidden Compartment or Enhanced Ammo Capacity are useful in emphasizing this role. When fighting defensively, Legion can be especially lethal when holding off enemies at long range, and his Smart Core can make short work of both Pilots and Titans trying to get close.

Based on the Ogre chassis, Legion is slow to react and move as his gun must first "spin up" before firing, as do most of his other abilities; care must be taken to plan your ability use. Much of this can be mitigated by equipping Turbo Engine, which provides much needed agility, and the ability to shift into and out of cover.

Titans such as Ronin and Ion can pose a serious threat to a Legion, as they are capable of mitigating and redirecting damage, along with evading and trapping players. Ronin will tend to engage in CQB, where it can easily Dash around and disorientate the Titan, absorbing Power Shot with Sword Block. Ion prefers to face Legion upfront, attacking the Titan until it is forced to retaliate, then raising Vortex Shield to catch volleys of damage. It is best to take out Ronin at medium to long range, utilizing both the Predator Cannons long range setting and Power Shots, as each direct hit will bring down Ronin's health an entire bar unless Hidden Compartment is equipped. Based on the Stryder, Ronin is especially weaker in terms of health and can be easily be destroyed by Legion, provided they are kept at a distance. The same strategy should be applied when dealing with Ion, force them to use their Vortex Shield at a distance so that they won't be able to redirect the damage effectively. This will eventually leave Ion open to attacks as they will use up the Vortex shield to avoid taking damage. While fighting Ion at close range, it is best to equip the Gun Shield after Ion absorbs a good amount of damage so that it minimizes the damage, and then hit them directly with the Power Shot. Do not be in a corner or else Scorch, Ion or Ronin can cause a lot of damage to Legion.

Northstar is more easy to destroy as Legion, especially in CQB. This is because Northstar has no defensive abilities, weak armour and also has an unwieldy weapon, which can be countered by Gun Shield. Legion is also potent against Tone, as attacking Particle Wall as it is placed decimates the shield, exposing Tone to huge amounts of damage. However, both of these Titans can pose a serious threat to Legion while fighting at a distance.


Primary Weapon

Predator Cannon
"Powerful minigun with a long spin-up time."


Power Shot

Power Shot
"Close Range: Knocks back nearby enemies. Long Range: Damages all enemies in its path."

Mode Switch

Mode Switch
"Switch between close range and long range precision rounds."

Gun Shield

Gun Shield
"Shield deployed around the Predator Cannon."

Smart Core

Smart Core
"Automatic smart lock-on to targets."


  • As of December 2016, the Legion is the third most popular Titan within the game.[2]
  • The Predator Cannon might be a reference to the Predator mech from the free to play mech FPS Hawken. The Predator mech's primary weapon, Breacher, has two firing modes; uncharged shots spread projectiles in a shotgun pattern (close-range mode) while charged shots fires focused, high-damage long range projectiles that can bypass shields.
  • It is also potentially a reference to the film Predator in which one of the characters Blain (played by Jesse Ventura) wields a minigun/chain gun.
  • While using Legion’s gun shield, the Predator cannon will spin up and remain spun up, slowing Legion’s movement speed and disabling his melee. This will ensure that he is always able to fire unless he is reloading.
  • Legion's Termination is to impale an enemy Titan on the tip of his Predator Cannon, point it straight up in the air, and fire a ton of bullets into the Titan, shredding it to bits.
  • Legion Prime's Termination is to slam his Predator Cannon into the enemy Titan twice in a sweeping motion, and then destroy the enemy Titan with a point blank range Power Shot to the cockpit.
  • Legion's OS is voiced by David Sheinkopf.





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