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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

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High power, low capacity shotgun that bounces off walls.
— Description

The Leadwall is the primary Titan weapon for Ronin in Titanfall 2. It is a shotgun, based on the same design as the Triple Threat grenade launcher of Titanfall.



The Leadwall has a magazine of 12 shots but each pull of the trigger consumes 3 shots, which means it can only fire 4 times before it requires a reload. This low magazine capacity is complemented with a fairly high reload time. The weapon deals high damage at short range, firing 3 spread projectiles that bounce off of walls, shredding Titan armor and eliminating pilots in one shot. However, the shots will dissipate after a certain distance, making it useless for long range combat.


  • Try to get in front of Titans to hit their critical spots, and then Phase Dash behind them while reloading.


  • The Leadwall shares many similarities to the Triple Threat from the original Titanfall, using a similar magazine drum, but having 3 barrels instead of 1. Even the concept art depicts the weapon with the name Triple Threat.