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Graceful craftsmanship, brutal efficiency.
— In-game description

Lastimosa Armory is an arms manufacturer in the Titanfall universe, responsible for manufacturing many of the arms found on the Frontier. Their Titan insignia is available in Titanfall, earned by playing Titanfall for 10 hours, and their Patch is available in Titanfall 2, as part of the Angel City's Most Wanted update.



Armour and Equipment

  • Lastimosa Armory (Or L. ARMRY) can be seen printed on many pieces of gear, including the helmets of Richter and Kane, gloves, ammunition pouches, armour and other bits of kit.

Other Equipment

  • Crates bearing the Lastimosa logo and name can be found in several IMC facilities, such as the World Foundry.


  • Lastimosa Armory has several production facilities in California, Earth


  • The Insignia's design was inspired from the official logo of the Philippines
  • Lastimosa Armory has a similar emblem design to Brockhaurd Manufacturing, another arms manufacturer mainly responsible for Titan Weapons. This, combined with artist Ryan Lastimosa's username being Brockhaurd, implies the two companies are connected in some way.
  • Given that the Predator Cannon and Smart Pistols are both manufactured by Lastimosa Armory, it is likely that the "Smart" technology utilised in both weapon systems is exclusive to Lastimosa Armory.
  • Lastimosa Armory is named after Respawn Entertainment weapon artist Ryan Lastimosa, who is responsible for many of the weapons utilised in the games.