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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall.

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Last Titan Standing is a game mode appearing in Titanfall. As suggested by the name of the mode, pilots are outfitted with a Titan by default, and have to kill enemy Titans until their team has the last Titan standing. 

  • This game mode is round based. Either team must win four rounds to win entire match. Burn Cards are kept between rounds, but only if user did not die.
  • Factory Default Titan weapons can be found on the ground at the start of the match that can be picked up. This can make it easier to finish Regen Challenges for Titan Weapons you haven't unlocked yet.
  • There is only respawn at the beginning of every round. If player's titan is destroyed, he is still able to fight on foot until his death.
  • The round is won when the enemy team has no Titans left, including auto-titans, or when no players remain.
  • There is also a time limit. If it runs out, the team who has the most titans alive wins. If teams have the same amount of titans, the team who sustained less damage to their Titans wins.
  • In rare cases that the last titans standing are destroyed at the same time, then the round must be won by eliminating all hostile pilots.

XP Bonuses

XP bonuses are experience points rewarded when the player does a certain objective or action, and grants the player with additional experience points. These XP Bonuses are specific to Last Titan Standing.

Name XP Earned Description
Titan Eliminated 250 Destroy a Titan in Last Titan Standing.
Pilot Eliminated 150 Kill a Pilot in Last Titan Standing.


It is a relatively fast paced game mode and recommended that it is played with a good mixture of attacking and defending titans. The aim is to be the team with titans/pilots still standing. Players need a mixture of titans, so a good team combination would be a fast mover (Stryder), a tank (Ogre)and a good attacker (Atlas). Players have to try and work as a team and form an attack based on the other teams weaknesses. The two important weaknesses they need to spot are their tactics and their team composition. For example, if the enemy team has three light titans, send some tanks to finish them off. If they are looping in the same direction around the map, set up an ambush where they are expected to pass.


Aegis LTS

Aegis LTS is a variant of LTS added into Titanfall 2 via the Postcards From the Frontier update. IT allows players to use their unlocked Aegis Rank upgrades.

Iron LTS

Iron Last Titan Standing is a mode added in the A Glitch in the Frontier update for Titanfall 2. It is the same as regular LTS, though with no Pilots, Batteries or Ejections.

Titan Brawl

Titan Brawl is a variant vaguely similar to LTS. It features respawning, and no Pilots (similar to Iron LTS). First to 50 kills wins. A further variant of Titan Brawl, Aegis Titan Brawl, is available. Like the aforementioned Aegis LTS, Aegis Brawl allows players to utilise their unlocked Aegis upgrades.

Wingman LTS

Wingman Last Titan Standing is an LTS variant in Titanfall. It is the same as regular LTS, except with only 2 players per team.