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Weapon Attachments

Image Name Description
AL 1x Holo.png
AL 1x HCOG Classic.png
AL 1x-2x Variable Holo.png
AL 2x HCOG Bruiser.png
AL 3x HCOG Ranger.png
AL 2x-4x Variable AOG.png
Close-Mid Range Optics
allows better focus on target while ADS, allows weapon to aim further down sights
AL Standard Stock HUD.png
Standard stock
shortens weapon switch transition length and reduces aim sway
Experimental plasma-fueled heavy MG
— in-game description.

The L-STAR EMG (Lastimosa Armory Energy Machine Gun) is an anti-personnel fully automatic light machine gun (LMG) introduced in Apex Legends. Available to competitors in the Apex Games, it is the next-generation L-STAR, descended from its Frontier War forebears, the L-STAR.


As of Season 4, the L-STAR can be found on the ground, and it no longer has the status as a Care Package Weapon. There is no longer a reload mechanism, with there only being an overheat mechanism.


The L-Star is a rapid fire directed-energy machine gun. The receiver houses a generator core that utilizes a cyclic particle accelerator that fires red supercharged bursts of plasma at moderate speeds comparable to that of shotguns. Targets hit by the bursts will have a red swirling energy halo surrounding them for a few moments. The plasma bursts are broader than other energy or ballistic ammunition making it vastly more accurate. During Season 3, it was the only LMG that equipped a threat scope but it lost that perk after season 3 when it switched places with the devotion as a regular weapon.

Due to the high temperatures generated by the accelerator, rapid firing makes the weapon susceptible to overheating and melting the generator core. This requires a replacement of the generator core for the L-Star to operational again. This takes about the same times as reloading. The generator core goes critical after continuously firing 23 bursts. The overheating previously could be managed effectively by firing short bursts instead of holding down the trigger, however, it was later fixed, and now short bursts have the same effect as holding the trigger together.


Each burst deals 15-19 damage to the body, 31-38 to the head and 12-19 to the legs of unarmored targets. Due to its extremely powerful damage rate combined with one of the highest firing rates and excellent accuracy, the L-Star is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage that can wipe an entire moderately armored squad in less than 5 seconds in the hands of a skilled pilot, even with its drawbacks. This makes the weapon extremely effective at close to medium range regardless of the experience of the operator with the firearm. Making it an enticing pick for any participants competing in the games whether they are a rookie or a veteran. Although it has the option to equip mid-range optics, it isn't recommended that you use it at mid range due to the high recoil that occurs.


  • The L-STAR was originally conceptualized as an SMG called the ASW (Advanced Scattering Weapon).
  • In the most recent iteration of the weapon, the abbreviate L-STAR stands for (Lastimosa Armory).
  • In the official trailer for the weapon, it was shown and said that it carries 60 rounds of ammo in the magazine, however, when it was launched, it carried only 40. This was likely changed due to game balance.
  • The L-STAR is one of Bloodhound's signature weapons.


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