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The subject of this article appears in Apex Legends.

Experimental plasma-fueled heavy MG
— in-game description.

The L-STAR EMG (Lastimosa Armory Energy Machine Gun) is an anti-personnel fully automatic light machine gun (LMG) introduced in Apex Legends. Available to competitors in the Apex Games, it is the next-generation L-STAR, descended from its Frontier War forebears, the L-STAR.

Weapon Attachments

Image Name Description
AL Barrel Stabilizer HUD.png
Barrel Stabilizer provides decrease in recoil
AL Extended Energy Mag HUD.png
Extended Energy Mag increases magazine size
AL 1x Holo.png AL 1x HCOG Classic.png AL 1x-2x Variable Holo.png AL 2x HCOG Bruiser.png AL 3x HCOG Ranger.png AL 2x-4x Variable AOG.png
Close-Mid Range Optics
allows better focus on target while ADS, allows weapon to aim further down sights
AL Standard Stock HUD.png
Standard stock
shortens weapon switch transition length and reduces aim sway


  • The L-STAR was originally conceptualized as an SMG called the ASW (Advanced Scattering Weapon).
  • In the most recent iteration of the weapon, the abbreviate L-STAR stands for (Lastimosa Armory).
  • In the official trailer for the weapon, it was shown and said that it carries 60 rounds of ammo in the magazine, however, when it was launched, it carried only 40. This was likely changed due to game balance.
  • The L-STAR is one of Bloodhound's signature weapons.
  • Jaewon Industries was contracted to help produce this model due to their expertise in energy weapons.