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Rapid fire energy LMG
— In-game description

The L-STAR (Lastimosa Armory Assault Rifle) is a Pilot anti-personnel fully automatic particle accelerating light machine gun manufactured by Lastimosa Armory that makes its debut in Titanfall 2. This gun will also appear in Apex Legends season 2.



The L-STAR is a rapid fire particle accelerating energy light machine gun. It fires red particle bolts at a moderate speed at the target. Targets hurt by the weapon will have red energy swirling around them for a few moments, and if killed, their bodies will explode as if hit by an explosive.

It performs at 45 damage, 34 accuracy, 75 range, and boasts a fully automatic 47 fire rate. Its listed magazine size is the amount of rounds the weapon can fire in succession before it completely overheats, in which case a reload animation plays where the upper receiver pops open while the pilot fans the inside to disperse the heat, then replaces several parts in the stock and barrel, most likely a melted component and a battery.


The L-STAR has multiple advantages in multiplayer - high damage and fire rate. However, this is offset by the travel time of its projectiles making it fall short at longer range. Skilled players can compensate for this however by effectively leading their shots.

Due to the L-STAR's long reload animation, you should always keep an eye on your heat levels, and stop firing before it reaches the maximum level. Short- to Medium bursts followed by short cooldown periods are recommended.

Another problem is there's a brief one-second pause, after releasing the trigger, which could mean either losing your intended target, or your life. Finding a break in combat would be the best moment to allow such moments between attacks.

Countering players using this weapon, would be to stay behind cover and trying not to allow them to get the bead on you. Moving erratically would also help throw off their aim.

Weapon Mods

Image Name Description Unlock
Extra Ammo
Increased ammo capacity.
L-STAR Level 2
Shoot while sprinting.
L-STAR Level 4
Faster reload.
L-STAR Level 5
Gun Ready
Fast transition into aiming down the sights.
L-STAR Level 7
Quick Swap
Faster transition when switching to this weapon.
L-STAR Level 8
Pilot kills increase Tactical availability (Faster cooldown).
L-STAR Level 9

Weapon Attachments

Image Name Description Unlock
Factory Issue
Stock sights.
L-STAR Level 1
AOG Scope
Advanced optical gunsight with increased magnification.
L-STAR Level 3
HCOG Ranger
Enhanced zoom scope.
L-STAR Level 6
Threat Scope
Makes enemies easy to spot by applying an AR overlay to them. Warning: Disables extra mod slot.
L-STAR Level 10
Pro Screen
Attachment that displays lifetime weapon XP count for the weapon.
L-STAR Regeneration


  • The L-STAR was originally conceptualized as an SMG called the ASW, ("Advanced Scattering Weapon") but tests early in the development of Titanfall 2 moved it more to the LMG role.
  • To further confusion, concept art also depicts the term L-STAR as standing for LaSTimosa Armory Assault Rifle.
  • In promotional material for Apex Legends, the Legend Bloodhound is shown wielding an L-STAR, despite it not appearing in-game. (before Season 2)


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