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Interstellar Beacons, also referred to as Interstellar Communications Beacons, are large-scale communication structures set up by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation across The Frontier. These giant terrestrial sattelite dishes are used for Faster-Than-Light (FTL) communications across the vast distances of interstellar space, possibly even used to allow communications between the Frontier and the Core Systems.

Interstellar Beacons require large dedicated power stations to provide the energy needed to beam messages into space, largely staffed by MRVNs due to the immense radiation and toxic chemicals generated in the process.

At least two beacons[Note 1] were in operation on Typhon at the time of the Battle of Typhon, with a third under construction, and all three meant to be under the purview of ARES Division. One of these beacons was attacked by the 3rd Militia Grenadiers, though it was heavily damaged during the fighting and could not be used to contact the 9th Militia Fleet in orbit above Typhon. Militia forces led by Captain Cole retreated to the Beacon control substation, where they would hold out overnight, albeit under continuous siege by IMC forces. It was only the arrival of nascent Pilot Jack Cooper and his Vanguard Titan BT-7274 that broke the IMC siege and allowed the opportunity to manually repair the beacon by climbing the structure and replacing a core component atop the transceiver. After a fateful Titan duel with Richter, the Apex Predator on-site and commander of IMC forces in the area, Cooper and the 3rd Grenadiers succesfully powered up the beacon and made contact with Militia command, turning the tide of the battle.

It is unknown how extensive the usage of interstellar beacons on other worlds is.

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  1. One beacon can be seen in use in mission The Beacon, and another in the skybox for the map Forwardbase Kodai. The two designs are similar, but exhibit a number of differences in regards to their location and design.