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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall. The subject of this article appears in Titanfall 2.

The IMS Odyssey was an Andromeda-class carrier[2] fielded by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation in the Titan Wars. As then-flagship of the IMC fleet, it gained legendary status as the IMC's premiere starship, before its eventual destruction at the end of the conflict.


At the time of Titanfall, the Odyssey has become a legend amongst the IMC's infantry, so firm facts are hard to determine. It is known that the vessel's armor plating is constructed out of Borium.[3]

Additionally, in the fifteen years between the ship's service in the Navy and its crash-landing on Troy, the superstructure is remarkably well-intact considering its long exposure to the elements and cannibalization by the crew to form the town of Colony G21. Many parts of the ship were still in some operational capacity by the events of Titanfall, with engines still able to fire, electricity and power still operational and the central databanks still accessible. Despite this, the reactor of the ship was said to be leaking chemicals into the environment.

The Odyssey was the first of the Andromeda line of Carriers to be developed,[4] and was said to have never come close to evenly matched by her foes.


The small town around the ship's wreckage is just as fully-furnished as the Colony in the valley below, with bars, cafes, worker housing, garages and all the tools necessary to transport material and supplies to and from the site. Several pieces of wreckage, suspended from wires, have been maneouvred into place by mutineer Pilots to assist with Wall-Running around the site, allowing ease of access to otherwise inaccessible portions of the ship.[5]


During the Titan Wars, the Odyssey served a number of tours against the IMC's enemies, captained by then-Vice Admiral Marcus Graves and his lieutenant, James MacAllan. However, the IMC's subjugation and treatment of Frontier citizens eventually created a rift between the two officers. By the end of the conflict, MacAllan had had enough, and mutinied along with a large portion of the ship's crew, including Commander Vecta. Graves would allow MacAllan to take the ship, though denied this and portrayed the event as a hostile takeover in the later inquiry. MacAllan would take the Odyssey into an unexplored region of space, Sector Bravo-217, and crash the ship on the planet Troy. It is unknown if this was an unavoidable event due to damage sustained in the mutiny or a purposeful landing.

Relic 5.jpg

In the fifteen-year gap between the ship's disappearance and its later rediscovery, tales would circulate amongst the IMC's enlisted personnel about the events that took place on board, and the ship's eventual fate. During this time, MacAllan and his crew would build a life for themselves secluded from the rest of the Frontier War, building a fully stocked agricultural colony in the hills and valleys around them. By the time of Titanfall, this colony had at least 93 residents.

Relic 9.jpg

However, this peace would not last. Following the Fracture Operation conducted by the Frontier Militia, the Marauder Corps retreated into the sector to evade IMC backlash. Probes deployed by Spyglass would pick up signals originating from Troy, leading to Kuben Blisk and a handful of personnel being sent to investigate, reporting back the (re)discovery of the Odyssey and the town it fostered.[6] Wrongly believing that the town was, in-fact, harbouring the criminals who Graves had been hunting for months, the IMC launched a brutal attack on Colony G21. Initial deployments of BRD-01 Spectres would kill many and send the survivors fleeing into the ruins of the Odyssey, where they would regroup with MacAllan.[7]

Relic 8.jpg

Following the Militia's intervention in the valley below, Pilots of both sides would then deploy into the wreck of the Odyssey to fight it out in close-quarters, with the Militia attempting to buy time for the survivors of the massacre to evacuate. During the carnage, MacAllan would use his access to the ship's datacore to download classified IMC data - including schematics for the refuelling and refinery facilities at Demeter to assist the Militia cause. Blisk would deploy to the ship's bridge in an attempt to stop the download, but this would prove fruitless.[8]

At the end of the battle, the IMC intended to salvage the Odyssey and refit (or recycle) her for active duty though, but this has not happened. The survivors of the Odyssey's crew would then be taken to Typhon, and subjected to ARES Division experimentation.[9]


  • The remains of the Odyssey are the central area of the multiplayer map Relic. It can also be seen on the cliffs overlooking Colony.



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