The IMS Malta is a battleship-type vessel employed by the IMC during the Battle of Typhon. It is equipped with multiple anti-ship cannons and Heavy Turrets for broadside attacks and air defence, as well as a large payload of IMC Goblin dropships, IMC Marines and IMC Stalkers.

The Ark Edit

The Malta was one of the IMC ships employed to help escort the IMS Draconis, alongside IMS Thermopylae. After pilot Jack Cooper was knocked off his Widow transport craft by an attack from Viper, he boarded the Malta and fought through numerous onboard defences before eventually disabling the ship's starboard gun battery. Once complete, he was joined by the 6-4 mercenaries, led by Commander Gates. The group of Militia Pilots then fought their way into a large hangar that spanned almost the entire length of the ship, before proceeding to and capturing the bridge.

Cooper then used his data knife to disable the remaining defenses on the Malta and steer it into position behind the Draconis. A brief fight ensued on top of the ship's bow between Cooper and his Titan, BT-7274, and Viper in his Northstar titan. Viper was shot down, and BT was about to throw Cooper onto the Draconis to secure the Ark when the IMC pilot returned, grabbing BT and lifting all three of them into the air. They eventually landed on the Draconis, where Cooper killed Viper. Going below the hull, Cooper and BT managed to capture the Ark, but the ship was already falling apart. The Draconis crashed in the valley below, the captured Malta and the Militia aircraft proceded towards the Ark projection facility.

The Fold Weapon Edit

The Malta stayed in the hands of the 6-4 throughout the rest of the operations on Typhon. When Jack Cooper and the new BT escaped from Kuben Blisk's interrogation, they were greeted with the sight of the militia fleet battling the IMC's air defence network. The Malta, still under the command of the mercenaries, was part of the battle and assisted Cooper in clearing the path to the Fold Weapon. It is unknown whether the ship survived the ensuing explosion or not.

Specifications Edit

Hangar Edit

The Malta had a large hangar section, from which it deployed Goblin dropships.

Bridge Edit

The Malta's bridge consisted of a lower level with many stations and a mezzanine at the top, where the emergency control console was located. It was staffed by IMC Marines.

Stalker Rows Edit

Many rooms inside the Malta contained several Stalker Racks. Each had a control panel for activating the dormant Stalkers.

Trivia Edit

  • The Malta's bridge is exactly the same as that of the MacAllan-Class Carrier, utilised by the Militia. Given how the Militia raid the IMC for weapons, Titans and other equipment, it is possible that the Militia simply assembled their carrier class from salvage taken from scrapped IMC vessels, like that seen on Drydock.

Gallery Edit

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