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The IMC Marine Corps[1][2] is the primary infantry arm of the IMC Armed Services on The Frontier. Also nicknamed Grunts, the Marines are capable of providing support to Pilots and Titans in any situation.


The IMC Marines have been around since at least the Titan Wars and likely the Core Systems Conflicts before that, where they mainly utilised the Crow dropship and G2A4 Battle Rifle. Since then, the G2A4 has been superceded by R-101C Carbine and later, the R-201 Assault Rifle, and the Crow superceded by the Goblin.

After the Battle of Demeter, the IMC began to relax the rules on specialisation within their ranks. The result is that many grunts now operate a much wider variety of weapons than they previously used to.[3]


IMC Marines deploy in squads of four, usually divided into Riflemen, Engineers, Heavies and Supports. Shield Captains also act as additional support, as do automatons such as the BRD-01 Spectre.

Larger Marine units include Regiments,[4] and the units 401st Drop Shockers, 8th Spectre Legion, 115th Orbital Assault and 99th Hell Divers.


Class Equipment
IMC Rifleman 1.jpg

IMC Heavy 1.jpg

IMC Comms 1.jpg

IMC Support 1.jpg
Shield captain.png

Shield Captain

In addition to the four classes seen above, two distinct uniforms have been seen utilised by the IMC Marines. The former wears non-traditionally designed helmets akin to those used by A-Wall pilots, and the latter wearing helmets and plate armours that show the faces of the wearers.

Vehicles utilised by the Marines include the Paladin Tank, Samson and Goblin Dropship.

Deployment Methods

The Marines have two primary deployment methods; Drop Pod and Dropship. The former involves the use of small four-man drop pods for rapid orbital insertion in hotly contested zones. The latter involves the usage of larger landing craft for deployment of multiple squads, though these are more susceptible to being shot down.


IMC marines display a sense of enjoyment of warfare and fighting the Militia, often expressing their wishes to actively hunt down and kill the Militia - this is taken to the extreme, with some IMC warships granting additional shore leave to the troopers with the largest killcounts. Others express desires to loot the colony towns they come across.

Overall, it seems that a level of indoctrination is given to the Marines; most genuinely believe they are fighting terrorists who are threatening their way of life back in the Core Systems, though many are recruited from Angel City. Nonetheless, this has not stopped mass defections to the Militia cause in the wake of The Battle of Demeter.

The opinions of the Marines in regard to Pilots and Spectres are much more mixed, however. While some look upon the Pilots with admiration of their skills, many see them as "freaks" and speculate they may be robots under their skin. Similarly, Grunts typically express amusement at the efficiency of the Spectre, though also speculate the Spectres may be heavily intended to replace the Marines in the long-term, with Marines training the Spectres.



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