The Hornet is a class of fighters in the universe of Titanfall. Hornets were the definitive air and space superiority fighters in the Titan Wars. Built under extreme time pressure, they were rapidly designed, built, and pushed into active service within 11 months. The Hornets underwent numerous revisions based on combat telemetry and pilot feedback, resulting in a robust, easily reconfigured design that now serves as the Militia's primary multi-role, single-seat, jump-capable fighter.[1] Hornets are both capable of regular flight in space and in-atmosphere, and are also capable of VTOL hovering for a short amount of time.[2]

They can be seen performing close air support and interceptor work in the Titanfall multiplayer and campaign levels, as well as crippling the IMS Sentinel in the campaign mission Get Barker.

Hornets also served as escort fighters for the 9th Militia Fleet in Operation: Broadsword, and can be seen battling against Phantoms in Titanfall 2.


  • According to Robb Shoberg, an in-house artist at Respawn, the Hornet's morphology is sort of a mix between a Harrier and a MiG
  • The Hornet appears to be the Militia's counterpart to the IMC's Phantom.



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