The Holosight is a weapon attachment in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. The gunsight has a 2.10X fixed magnification and integrated ammunition readouts. It comes pre-attached with the Amped LMG, and the Amped G2A4.

Titanfall Edit

The Holosight consists of two aiming circles that, when looked through together, create the holographic reticule. This is the preferred sight for many pilots due to its versatility, although it is slightly worst in close fights due to the higher zoom than the HCOG, and slightly worst at long range because the larger reticule and lower zoom can block out the target. The AOG is better in this role. The HCOG takes the place of the versatile middle ground, with all-round compatibility in nearly all situations.

Unlock Requirements
Weapon Challenge Requirement
R-101 Compact Carbine
The Expendables (III) Kill 50 Grunts
G2A4 Rifle
The Expendables (II) Kill 25 Grunts
Hemlok BF-R
The Expendables (II) Kill 25 Grunts
Spitfire Light Machine Gun
The Expendables (II) Kill 25 Grunts

Titanfall 2 Edit

The Holosight returns in Titanfall 2, though not as widespread as in the first game. The sight is now only available for SMGs and Shotguns (with the exception of the Spitfire LMG found in the campaign mission The Ark). It now features a 2.1x magnifier scope to help magnification, rather than the concentric rings of the first game.

Gallery Edit