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The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

Deploys a Holo Decoy to cause a distraction while bombarding the enemy with grenades.
— In-game description

The Holo Grenadier is a Holo Pilot Burn Card present in Titanfall: Assault. Holo Grenadier will deploy a hologram to distract enemies while lobbing frag grenades at enemy targets.


The Holo Grenadier is a valuable Pilot to have. Not only does his ordnance provide good area-of-effect damage against infantry units, but the hologram he projects covers his advance, usually letting the real Grenadier bombard the enemy from relative safety for a short time before becoming fully exposed. Note that the real grenadier can still be fired upon by anyone - or anything - smart enough to target him first before his hologram. The Holo Grenadier will also require a couple seconds to spawn his hologram before he actually heads out into the battlefield, so expect a short delay every time he is summoned.

The Holo Grenadier's grenades displace enemies, making them especially effective against the Gunner or slow-firing attackers like the Boomer.


  • If the real Holo Grenadier is killed first, the hologram will immediately disappear.
  • The hologram projected by the Holo Grenadier can capture a Hardpoint by itself, without the real grenadier present.
  • The hologram can be taken control of by Ash, like any other robotic, serving as a viable distraction.