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The factory issue Hemlok fires a three-round burst. While this can be a liability at short range, this tradeoff allowed the engineers at TW Ordnance to deliver a weapon with a good balance of long-range accuracy, damage, and fire rate.
— In-game description.

The M1A3 Hemlok BF-R (Burst-Fire Rifle) is a Pilot anti-personnel burst fire assault rifle that appears in Titanfall, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends.


The Hemlok BF-R is a heavy burst-fire assault rifle employed by both IMC and Militia forces fighting on The Frontier. Although not as commonly seen as the more standard R-101C Carbine and R-201 Assault Rifle, the Hemlok is still a relatively common sight amongst the hands of Pilots, Grunts and Spectres alike. Its integrated CPU can fire controlled bursts from two, three, five or to a full magazine dump in one trigger pull. Its bulk has been weighted specifically for recoil compensation, as escaping gases port from the multiple vents located near the muzzle. With ideal stopping power and a high caliber round, the Hemlok is a worthy choice of elite Pilots of the Frontier.[1]



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For more detailed gameplay information on the Hemlok BF-R, see the gameplay article here.

In Titanfall, the Hemlok can only be seen in the hands of Minions in Frontier Defense.

Weapon Attachments

Image Name Description Unlock
Iron sights.png
Iron Sights Factory issue gunsights are cheap and reliable, but visibility through them can be somewhat limited. Default Weapon Sight
HCOG The Holographic Combat Optical Gunsight has an open sight picture, making it easier to acquire and track targets, particularly in the vertical. The gunsight is fixed at 1.85X magnification, and includes integrated ammunition readouts. If It Moves... (III) Challenge: Kill 50 enemies
Holosight The Holosight’s optics are fixed at a 2.1X zoom factor. The sight picture is designed to induce a tighter visual perception, making it effective both at range and in close quarters. The Holosight is equipped with an integrated ammunition readout. The Expendables (III) Challenge: Kill 50 Grunts
AOG The AOG, or Advanced Optical Gunsight, is fixed at 2.4X magnification, and includes an integrated “current magazine capacity” readout with a backup numerical display. The AOG is ideal for combat at extended range. The Expendables (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Grunts

Weapon Mods

Image Name Description Unlock
Extended magazine.png
Extended Magazine Magazine holds more rounds Machine War (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Spectres
Mod suppressor.png
Suppressor This mod reduces the firing noise and muzzle flash of the weapon, making it ideal for taking your enemies by surprise. If It Moves... (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Enemies
Starburst This mode converts the Hemlok's burst fire rate to five rounds per shot. Top Gun (II) Challenge: Kill 15 Pilots


Reaching any tier of any challenge will grant one Amped Hemlok Burn Card.

  • Off the Dome - This challenge only offers XP and Burn Cards.

Field Notes

  • Though arguably the least used assault rifle due to its low initial ammo count and relatively low damage output, the Hemlok BF-R is still an effective weapon in the hands of Pilots.
  • Though it is recommended to use this weapon in medium to long range encounters, the Hemlok can also be effective at close range when using the iron sights or the H-COG sight.
  • When equipping Starburst, it is highly recommended to equip the H-COG Sight as the gun will become less effective at long range and can only be fired five times.
  • The Hemlock can fire eight three-round burst while no mods are equipped, ten while Extended Magazine is equipped, and only five while Starburst is equipped.

Titanfall 2

The Hemlok's updated look.

The Hemlok returns in Titanfall 2 with an updated look. Several distinct changes to the weapon can be noticed, including a redesign of the barrel shroud and magwell. It can be unlocked at level 13 or bought for 100 Credits. It can be found in the hands of enemy Grunts in both Campaign and Multiplayer. It performs similarly to its Titanfall version, being a burst-fire assault rifle with high accuracy and a fast time-to-kill out of close quarters. As in the previous game, it is advised to bring a good close-quarters oriented sidearm like the RE-45 Autopistol.

Weapon Mods

Image Name Description Unlock
Extra Ammo
Increased ammo capacity.
Hemlok Level 2
Shoot while sprinting.
Hemlok Level 4
Faster reload.
Hemlok Level 5
Gun Ready
Fast transition into aiming down the sights.
Hemlok Level 7
Quick Swap
Faster transition when switching to this weapon.
Hemlok Level 8
Pilot kills increase Tactical availability (Faster cooldown).
Hemlok Level 9

Weapon Attachments

Image Name Description Unlock
Factory Issue
Stock sights.
Hemlok Level 1
Open holographic combat optical gunsight.
Hemlok Level 3
HCOG Ranger
Enhanced zoom scope.
Hemlok Level 6
Threat Scope
Makes enemies easy to spot by applying an AR overlay to them. Warning: Disables extra mod slot.
Hemlok Level 10
Pro Screen
Attachment that displays lifetime weapon XP count for the weapon.
Hemlok Regeneration

In Apex Legends

Image Name Description
AL Barrel Stabilizer HUD.png
Barrel Stabilizer
decreases recoil
AL Extended Heavy Mag HUD.png
Extended Heavy Mag
Increases amounts of rounds held per mag
AL 1x Holo.png
AL 1x HCOG Classic.png
AL 1x-2x Variable Holo.png
AL 2x HCOG Bruiser.png
AL 3x HCOG Ranger.png
AL 2x-4x Variable AOG.png
Close-Mid Range Optics
allows better focus on target while ADS, allows weapon to aim further down sights
AL Standard Stock HUD.png
Standard stock
shortens weapon switch transition length and reduces aim sway


  • The Hemlok BF-R most likely fires the same heavy 7.62-mm Round as the Spitfire LMG. Additionally, the Spitfire is named in game files as the "LMG_Hemlok".
    • According to artist Robb Shoberg, the model that would become the X-55 Devotion was originally submitted as a redesigned Hemlok.[2] This, along with several visual similarities and the "HEMLOK MK.II" label on the Devotion suggest that the Devotion is a part of the same weapons family as the Hemlok, along with the Volt SMG.
  • The version from Titanfall may also bear inspiration from the M41a1 pulse rifle and LMG from James Cameron's movies Aliens and Avatar, respectively, going by the shape of its barrel shroud and magwell. These elements were removed in Titanfall 2.
  • According to Titanfall 2 concept art, its burst mode is computer controlled, allowing it to fire in 2-round bursts, more conventional 3 or 5 round bursts, or even dump the entire mag with one trigger pull.
  • The description for Titanfall's Hemlok states the manufacturer as a company called TW Ordnance. However, the one appearing in Titanfall 2, designated the M1A3, bears a Wonyeon Defense. It is possible that, given the massive differences between the two visually, the weapons appearing in Titanfall 1 and 2 are different weapons entirely and share only a name and function.



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