The Havoc Rifle or simply the HAVOC is an energy operated assault rifle employed in the Apex Games, manufactured by Wonyeon Defense.


The Havoc Rifle can be equipped with the hop up, Selectfire Reciever. However, it is quite effective as a stock weapon, featuring a low recoil and a magazine size of 28 rounds, 7 shy of the spitfire LMG's base mag size. It also has very clear iron sights. It has a short wind up time before you begin shooting. When the selectfire receiver is attached, the weapon gains a single shot mode, which fires a powerful beam, which is hitscan but has damage dropoff, and has a significant wind up time.

Production notes

The Havoc was the first weapon to be implemented into Apex Legends following the game's release. The weapon was first announced on Twitter on February 19th, followed by release on the subsequent day.[1]


Image Name Description
AL Standard Stock HUD
Standard Stock
Reduces aim sway and shortens time length when switching weapons
AL 1x HCOG Classic
AL 1x Holo
AL 1x-2x Variable Holo
AL 2x HCOG Bruiser
AL 3x HCOG Ranger
AL 2x-4x Variable AOG
Close-Mid Range Optics
improves view in ADS, can zoom in further
AL Selectfire Receiver
Selectfire Reciever
enables a second firing option which allows the HAVOC to fire a beam, takes longer to charge up than a shot on auto mode and consumes 4 ammo per shot.


Image Name Description
AL Extended Energy Mag HUD
Extended Energy Mag
increased rounds held in weapon
AL Turbocharger
reduced charge up time before firing in auto mode



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