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Harmony is a planet within the Freeport System of the Frontier. It is an agricultural world and the HQ of the Frontier Militia. The planet has at least one moon, and a population of 40 million.

Landscape Edit

Harmony Moon

Harmony's Moon

It is portrayed as a peaceful and calm planet, with sleek stone and wooden architecture, along with plenty of hexagonal rock formations. As a primarily agricultural world, Harmony's landscape is littered with agricultural towers and fields of crops, with odd towns scattered inbetween.

History Edit

TF2 Achievement Certified Pilot

Jack Cooper looking out on Harmony

After the Battle of Demeter, Harmony became the headquarters of the Frontier Militia. It was subject to a number of resource raids conducted by the Remnant Fleet, though would not come under serious harm until the Battle of Typhon, where the planet was targeted by the IMC with a planet-destroying Fold Weapon. Ultimately, the planet was left unharmed thanks to Jack Cooper, BT-7274 and the 9th Militia Fleet.

Harmony was the home planet of Tai Lastimosa.

Military Edit

As HQ of the Frontier Militia, Harmony is a heavily defended world, being home to the Freeport Brigade of the Militia.

Trivia Edit

  • The Pilot's Gauntlet, along with the multiplayer map Glitch are based on the planet,
  • The multiplayer map Nexus is the only "real" playable area on the planet.
  • Ironically (given its name), the planet is host to a large-scale militant organisation.

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