The Hammond P2020 (or simply P2020) is a semi-automatic pistol available to competitors in the Apex Games, debuting in Apex Legends. It is a succesor to its Frontier War ancestors, the P2011 and P2016. Much like its forebears, the Hammond P2020 is a reliable sidearm with decent accuracy to complement its quick reload and match trigger, firing one shot as quickly as its user can pull the trigger. It uses light ammo and can be modified with attachments for a close-range scope and an extended magazine; it can also be customized with assorted cosmetics. Because competitors in the Apex Games can only carry two weapons at a time, the expectation is that the pistol is an "early game" weapon: something one can use the moment they land at the start of the game but should expect to trade out for a "stronger" weapon down the road. Nonetheless, the P2020 rewards accuracy and is always helpful in a pinch.

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