This article is about HCOG sight in Titanfall and Titanfall 2, and may redirect here. For Enhanced Zoom Scope seen in Titanfall 2, see HCOG Ranger.


The Holographic Combat Optical Gunsight (HCOG) is a weapon attachment in Titanfall. It has an open sight reticle, making it easier to track targets, especially in the vertical.

The gunsight has a 1.85X fixed magnification and integrated ammunition readouts. It comes pre-attached on the Amped R-101C and the Amped R-97.

Titanfall Edit

The HCOG is available for most primary Pilot weapons. The sight consists of a red chevron surrounded by a clear frame, giving the user a less obstructed view than the default iron sights. It has a low zoom level.

Unlock Requirements
Weapon Challenge Requirement
R-101 Compact Carbine
The Expendables (II) Kill 25 Grunts
R-97 Compact Submachine Gun
The Expendables (III) Kill 50 Grunts
G2A4 Rifle
The Expendables (III) Kill 50 Grunts
Hemlok BF-R
The Expendables (III) Kill 50 Grunts
Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun
The Expendables (III) Kill 50 Grunts
Spitfire Light Machine Gun
The Expendables (III) Kill 50 Grunts

Titanfall 2 Edit

The HCOG returns in Titanfall 2, although with a massive visual upgrade. The sight housing is now much wider than before, and is only available for use on assault rifles and LMGs. Like the AOG, the HCOG now has a holographic line that slowly trickles down when bullets are fired until the weapon needs reloading.

The actual holographic reticule is the same as that of Titanfall, except red.

Gallery Edit