Guild Missions were a social and story feature found in Titanfall: Assault. They were a series of weekly missions that provided the ongoing narrative of Titanfall: Assault. Guild missions operated with the mission requesting a certain set of cards, which must be contributed by members of the Guild. The ongoing story was centered on the efforts of the Frontier Militia's fight against the IMC, surrounding the planet Kraken and its moons. Since the game's cancellation, Guild Missions have been discontinued and the full story has thus-far remained unrevealed.

Gameplay Edit

Guild Missions were timed events, with missions multiple missions active at one time under the banner of a "Guild Campaign". A campaign was active for one week, and to class as completed, all relevant missions must be completed. Each campaign was focused around a single moon or planet, and the Militia's fight against the IMC on said planet.

Missions were completed on a per-player basis, with a player starting the mission assignment by donating certain cards as dictated by the mission in question. Other players in the guild could also choose to donate their cards to assist in the mission. Alternatively, the mission could be rushed with Credits. Once the mission was complete, players would receive a reward of XP and Burn Cards, and would unlock the next mission available (unless all missions in the campaign have been completed).

Missions were assigned a Critical rating, with the percentage out of 100 determining how important the mission was to the Militia cause. Generally, more critical missions would offer higher rewards.

Missions Edit

Operation: Harmony Edit

  • Attend Briefing
  • Sabotage Refinery
  • Appropriate Files - Militia command has requested the appropriation of IMC personnel files to identify possible targets for blackmail.
  • Negotiate Agreement - A common defense agreement was negotiated on Harmony.
  • Expand Operations
  • IMC Atrocities
  • Investigate Intelligence Leak - Investigate a possible intelligence leak in the Militia operation headquarters in the Freeport System.
  • Shut Down Op - Raid a newly-discovered secondary resource extraction operation being run by Spyglass' IMC Remnant Fleet on Harmony.
  • Defend Against Raid

Operation: Hydra Edit

Operation: Dagon Edit

Operation: Naga Edit

Operation: Medusine Edit