The subject of this article appears in Titanfall: Assault.

"Grunts" redirects here. For the Titanfall: Assault Burn Card, see [[the type of NPC Minion that can be fought against]]

Grunts is a Burn Card that can be deployed in Titanfall: Assault. As expected, when used, it deploys a squad of Grunts via Drop Pod onto the map.

They are best used as either a distraction or a means of capturing distant Hardpoints, as they can be deployed anywhere on the map other than an elevated structure or terrain element.

The drop pod deals a small amount of damage on impact that can almost kill any other grunts it lands on, although this does not affect Titans and is ineffective against most pilots.

The 5 troops deployed are fragile and extremely vulnerable to area of effect attacks, such as those of the Grenadier (Pilot).

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